Introducing Automyze: Inventory Planning Software for Shopify Merchants

February 6, 2022
Introducing Automyze: Inventory Planning Software for Shopify Merchants

We’re excited to announce that Automyze Inventory Planning is available in the Shopify App Store. We built Automyze with the goal of helping businesses automate and optimize the inventory management and forecasting process.

As a business operator, managing and planning inventory can be rather challenging. When forecasting inventory demand, it’s especially difficult to incorporate all of the factors that could impact future inventory needs, such as recent sales, historical trends, and product seasonality.

While a full-time analyst can try mastering the inventory planning process manually by using spreadsheets, that process is still time-consuming and prone to human error.

Automyze is here to act as an all-in-one inventory planning automation platform that is built specifically to save time, cut costs, and increase inventory return on investment.

When planning inventory levels, rather than sacrificing accuracy for automation or vice versa, businesses can leverage Automyze to both streamline inventory management and accurately forecast demand.

With the launch of our platform, we’re excited to help businesses maximize operational efficiency and unlock their full potential.