Automate & Optimize Inventory Planning

Automyze is your all-in-one inventory planning automation platform that offers demand forecasting tools, real-time data visualizations, and actionable insights.

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Optimize Inventory Management

Automate Forecasting

Automate processes that are driven by spreadsheets and prone to human error. Accurately forecast SKU demand and replenishment details.

Avoid Stockouts & Dead Stock

Identify overstocked SKUs that tie up cash and understocked SKUs that miss out on sales. Use analytics to prioritize high ROI products.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Make impactful decisions more quickly with key performance takeaways that identify ways to reduce costs and increase sales.

Automated Demand Planning

Save time from manual calculations and eliminate the need to hire data analysts by using automated forecast methodologies that are based on factors such as historical trends, seasonality, and recent sales velocity.

While automation is powerful, forecast assumptions can still be customized on an as-needed basis to account for influences on demand that may not be captured by an existing forecast method.

Replenishment Optimization

Combine automated forecasts with customizable replenishment variables to account for product-specific differences such as seasonality, historical demand trends, vendor lead time, and target inventory level.

Easily view recommendations on when each SKU should be reordered and how many units of each SKU should be ordered.

Quickly interpret week-over-week and month-over-month performance trends and leverage key takeaways to enhance or replace existing internal performance tracking processes.

Overstock & Understock Data Visualization

Real-time access to overstock and understock data helps with easily determining whether purchase plans or forecasts need adjustment.

Visualize inventory-related risk across all SKUs to quickly identify whether stockout risk or dead stock risk is greatest during a particular time of the year.

Actionable Insights & Key Performance Takeaways

Make data-driven decisions with business-wide performance takeaways and detailed metrics related to inventory turnover, sales growth, and profitability trends.

Easy-to-interpret charts help with identifying trends in unit economics, such as determining whether a recent growth in dollars of sales is attributable to an increase in sales velocity, an increase in average selling price, or both.

Inventory Performance & Contribution Analyses

Easily identify SKUs that represent the greatest proportion of total dollar or unit sales and understand the impact that these SKUs have on overall performance.

Quickly identify the slowest and fastest-selling SKUs so that you can reduce the amount of cash tied up in slow-moving inventory and increase investment in fast-selling products.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Organize and analyze materials, parts, or components needed for any finished product.

Determine order requirements for items with demand that is dependent on specific SKUs.

Centralized Data Across Sales Channels

Upload additional sales and inventory data from your wholesale, retail, or storefront business to optimize inventory planning across all sales channels.