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Automate & optimize inventory planning

Optimize forecasting, automate discounting, and improve reporting procedures with inventory management tools and analytics.

We make it easy to manage inventory

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Optimize forecasting

View recommendations on when each SKU should be reordered and how many units of each SKU should be ordered.

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Automate discounting

Set discount rules to automatically adjust prices of overstock SKUs until optimal inventory levels are reached.


An all-in-one platform

Save time from manual data entry and automate inventory planning and management procedures to optimize every aspect of your business.

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Forecast SKU demand and replenishment details using forecast methods based on historical trends and recent sales velocity.

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Apply discount rules that automatically adjust prices of desired product collections until optimal inventory levels are reached.

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Schedule pre-built reports to be emailed as files to teammates that need the information immediately or at a regular interval.

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Access business-wide performance takeaways and detailed metrics related to inventory turnover, sales growth, and profitability trends.

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BOM management

Track, organize, and analyze materials, parts, or components with demand tied to specific finished SKUs.

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Multichannel uploads

Upload additional sales and inventory data not tracked in Shopify for your wholesale, retail, or storefront business.

Improve decision making with reports & insights

Make impactful decisions more quickly & identify key areas for Improvement.

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Flexible reporting

Download reports immediately or schedule pre-built reports to be emailed to teammates on a regular basis.

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Real-time analytics

Use actionable insights to reduce costs, increase sales, and identify SKUs that tie up cash or miss out on sales.

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