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Inventory tools

Save time from manual data entry and automate inventory management processes to reduce costs, increase sales, and optimize inventory levels.


Improve forecast accuracy and automate demand planning  

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Automated forecasts

Automate processes that are driven by spreadsheets and prone to human error.

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Detailed assumptions

Utilize forecast methods based on factors such as historical trends, seasonality, and recent sales velocity.

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Custom adjustments

Customize forecast assumptions to account for scenarios not captured by historical trends.


Avoid stockouts and dead stock

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Flexible assumptions

Account for product differences in seasonality, historical demand trends, vendor lead time, and target inventory level.

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Quantified decisioning

Determine optimal replenishment details and timing for upcoming purchase orders.

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Convenient workspace

Save any notes helpful for planning purchase orders or understanding assumptions.

automated discounting

Reduce overstock costs and protect margins

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Data-driven discounts

Customize assumptions that impact discount amounts and the number of SKUs discounted.

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Optimized sell-through

Adjust discount requirements by product collection to account for differing sales trends.

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Dynamic price changes

Automate price adjustments so that discount amounts decrease as inventory levels improve.

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