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Data analysis

Make impactful decisions more quickly with easy-to-interpret data visualizations and detailed performance insights.

Analytics & insights

Make data-driven decisions more quickly

Realtime Analytics - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Real-time analytics

Visualize overstock or understock risk across all SKUs to determine whether purchase planning or forecasting needs adjustment.

User Analytics - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Actionable insights

Identify the slowest and fastest-selling SKUs to reduce cash tied up in slow-moving inventory and increase investment in fast-selling products.

Funnel Optimization - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Key takeaways

Interpret detailed week-over-week and month-over-month business-wide performance takeaways and better understand trends in unit economics.


Automate and customize reporting procedures

Automated Reports - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Automated reports

Schedule pre-built reports to be emailed to teammates on a daily or weekly basis.

AI Data Predictions - Techcloud X Webflow Template

On-demand access

In addition to receiving scheduled emails, download any desired report immediately.

Advanced Charts - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Excel exports

All reports are exportable to Excel for further data analysis or manipulation by your team.

multichannel data management

Centralize & analyze data across channels

20+ Integrations - Techcloud X Webflow Template

BOM tracking

Organize and analyze materials, parts, or components needed for any finished product.

Seamless Data Sync - Techcloud X Webflow Template

BOM planning

Determine order requirements for items with demand dependent on specific SKUs.

Data Enrichment - Techcloud X Webflow Template

File uploads

Upload additional sales and inventory data from your wholesale, retail, or storefront business.

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